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Postdoc stipends from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation are an instrument used to support highly qualified individual junior scholars with doctoral degrees in a research project for a limited period of time. These stipends are intended, for example, to enable scholars to familiarise themselves with a new field of research and/or to write a scholarly article for publication. Excellent postdoctoral students are to be enabled through a stipend to concentrate exclusively on a project of their choice for a maximum of one year.

The applicant should generally not have received his or her doctoral degree more than one or two years previously.
The planned project should generally comprise a maximum period of one year.
The research stipend should be associated with a scholarly project that is independent of any outside influence and be based on individual initiative and be carried out at a school of higher learning or at a non-profit research facility.


Tel.: +49 (0)221 27 74 96 0


Applications for stipends can be submitted at any time.



generally a maximum period of one year.

Level of education

Researcher with Ph.D.

Funding Types

scholarships / personnel costs


The basic payment irrespective of age is € 1,800 per month. (possible lump sum allowance of € 200 per month)

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