SPIRIT – Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams

Funding is awarded to research projects with clearly defined goals that are submitted by excellent research consortia from two to four countries. Researchers from all disciplines can apply for a SPIRIT grant; the topics are chosen by the researchers themselves. The grants contribute to the education of researchers in all participating countries. The programme is intended for two to four research groups, out of which one applicant must engage in research work in Switzerland, and at least one applicant must do so in an eligible partner country. Further applicants in a partner country or in Switzerland may be added. However, the total of applicants may not exceed four persons.

Application Info

The applications must be submitted via the mySNF platform.


yearly, November 2; NEW PROCEDURE: submit full project directly



Level of education

PhD student, Researcher with Ph.D.

Next Deadlines


Funding Types

project, collaborative project


50,000 and 500,000 francs in project funds for two to four years

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