Loan and Scholarship Fund of the HSG

This fund supports all enrolled students of the Assessment, Bachelor and Master Levels with scholarships and loans at favorable rates of interest. This is intended to prevent situations whereby students are unable to study or have to terminate their studies owing to financial straits. Besides students’ individual financial circumstances, support criteria also includes individual attitude to performance willpower and capacities.

According to the Regulations, payments from the Loan and Scholarship Fund of the University of St.Gallen are granted from the second regular degree course semester after initial enrolment or re-enrolment.

Loans as emergency support
Students who are in pressing financial straits can be granted a one-off loan. The applicants’ and their parents’ financial and familial situation is, as hitherto, essential and decisive.


Fachstelle für Studienfinanzierung /
Advice Center for Study Funding
Universität St.Gallen
Dufourstrasse 50
9000 St.Gallen
Tel: +41 (0)71 224 28 68

Application Info

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Deadlines: Autumn Semester: 1 October / Spring Semester: 1 March



6-12 months

Level of education

Assessment level, bachelor student, master student

Funding Types

scholarships / personnel costs, study loans

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