AXA Research Fund: «Post-Doctoral Fellowships» (Post-Docs)

The AXA Research Fund seeks to award up to 25 «Post-Doctoral Fellowships» annually to outstanding researchers. It operates a bottom-up call for applications submitted by the research institution to which the candidate’s host laboratory belongs, and where the post-doctoral work is to be carried out. The AXA Research Fund wishes to finance basic research only.

The mission of the AXA Research Fund is to fund academic research dedicated to bettering our understanding of important hazards, risks and threats and our current global societal challenges within four clusters: Life & Health risks, Data & Technological risks, Climate & Environment risks and Finance, Insurance and Regulation Risks.

Application Info

Institutions (like the University of St. Gallen) have to announce on AXA Research Fund’s platform their intent to propose candidates for the campaign. No individual applications will be considered.


Second Call is open from 14th April until 15th May 2017.



duration of 18 to 24 months


EU member states and associated countries



Level of education

Researcher with Ph.D.

Funding Types

scholarships / personnel costs, project


maximum total of €130,000 for the entire duration of the funding

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