SNSF: Project funding in all disciplines

Research in all disciplines: Project funding is aimed at experienced researchers working in Switzerland who wish to obtain funding for a project of their own. The research topic can be chosen freely. The grants cover direct costs such as salaries of collaborators, materials, travel as well as other expenses. The costs of publication in a purely Open Access journal as well as the production costs of scientific book publications that are digital and Open Access are also covered by the grant and must be requested when the project proposal is submitted.

The grants are awarded for one to four years and the minimum amount that can be requested is 50 000 CHF. Project funding is intended to encourage researchers to focus on one project and plan it for a four-year period.

Eligible institutions: Universities, Universities of applied sciences, Universities of teacher education


Geschäftsstelle der Forschungskommission
Fon: +41 (0)71 224 76 09


Twice a year: 1st April, 1st October (resp. at public holidays: the following weekday), until 17:00



12-48 months



Level of education

Researcher with Ph.D.

Funding Types



Die Beitragsdauer beträgt ein bis vier Jahre, der minimale Beitrag beträgt CHF 50'000

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